Know Your Numbers Is To Measure Everything

Here is an example that happened a few days ago. I went to a printing shop to print my daily work lists. I planned to do 30 copies double sided. I handed the list, asking the staff to make 30 copies as I asked. She did it, charged me RM 12, as it was 20 cents per side. (0.20 x 60 (double sided)), according to her. Then I noticed the price, below 50 copies, 20 cents per side, above 50 copies, 10 cents per side. So, if I asked her to do 50 copies instead, she would have charged me (0.10 x 100 (double sided) ), which would be only RM 10, saving me RM 2.

Lesson here – make sure you know your numbers, so you can measure everything. I was only focused on the number of copies, not the eventual cost vs savings. I call this my RM 2 lesson.

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Blogger Tips – How To Write A Post Every Day – Guaranteed

My actual plan was to write everyday. But, my last post was on 28th October, which you can check out here. Okay, the usual excuses was I was tangled in other matters (work especially), and I didn’t know what to write.

Then eureka, a brilliant idea, which is actually not new and quite simple. Instead of a new post, just check out an old post, revise it and post updates about it. 🙂 I am definitely gonna do this when the well of idea dries 🙂

Sometime around 2014, I bought and reviewed a product called Google Sniper. I reviewed it here, and at that time gave it a positive review. Not, anymore, you can check the post for my additional comments on it. One thing for sure, in the world of internet marketing, the technology evolves rather quickly. But, I have to admit that the marketing behind Google Sniper was good and still timeless.

an old review video about Google Sniper 😛

I do not recommend this product. It is so outdated.


Keep Doing The Work

One thing that I committed myself earlier these past few months is to do the work. Meaning, that not only I know what I need to do, I must also just do.

If you do not do the work, but only know how to do the work, you will suffer from ‘paralysis by analysis’. In the end, nothing gets done. And a few months later, you wonder where have you been.

Do the work.

Do the Work
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Be like Ryan Holiday – Do The Work

No Golden Bullet For Success

There is no shortcut to success. At the most basic, when you want to achieve something, the route is something like this as listed below

  • Know What You Want To Achieve In The End.
    • it doesn’t have to be crystal clear, however, it has to be visible to you.
  • Find out the steps/way to achieve it.
    • Find/search the resources to do it. Nowadays, there is a lot of resources.
  • Do the steps. Get Feedback. Adjust. Continue.
    • Execute it. See what happens. Does it get you closer or further? Adjust your work. Repeat.
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The Power Of Focus by Steve Jobs

From the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, one of my favorite stories is what he did when he came back. When he came back to Apple, Steve Jobs had presentations of the current Apple lineup of products to have an idea what Apple was offering. Reputedly, he was frustrated with what he was seeing, that at a meeting, he stopped the presentations, went to a whiteboard, and started writing. What he wrote was a box, quadrant of four. The columns are Consumer and Pro, the rows were Desktop and Portable.

For Jobs, “Deciding what not to do is an important as deciding what to do “, he said. That’s true for companies and it’s true for products.” (336, Isaacson). 

For me, this scene was the beginning of Apple’s renaissance to their current success. What he taught us at this moment is simply this – once you what to do, focus on it and execute it well. Focus is important, no doubt, but focusing on too many things does not work as well.

The front and back cover of Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. Source here.
A video on Jobs about focus

What to Write? A New Commitment

I have so many ideas, but I feared writing about them. Well, that is over. I plan to write everyday. Am going to do the Seinfeld writing advice.

I will link below several articles that talk about his writing, basically, he is saying keep writing daily, whatever it is. Eventually, it will be easy, I think 🙂 I know Seth Godin writes like this.

Things We Can Learn From Jerry Seinfeld About Writing

Jerry Seinfeld’s 5-Step Comedy Writing Process

The above links talks a bit more about the process.

The below article is an interesting take on the Seinfeld Strategy.

How to Stop Procrastinating on Your Goals by Using the “Seinfeld Strategy”

As you can see in the video, he talks about his writing process.

Okay, I will stop now 🙂